Thursday, September 12, 2013

21st Birthday Party - Peacock Theme

For Emily's 21st Birthday we wanted to throw a fun, classy, (cheap), party.  We were able to host the party at our friend's beach house.  The party theme was peacock.  We decided that this would be a classy (not trashy) 21st birthday, so we kept the decorations simple and the food classic. Here is how we threw this party!  

For the main decorations, we used the colors hot pink, teal, and black.  Not your usual peacock inspired colors, but it went so cute together. I went to Hobby Lobby for most of the party decorations. I used their coupon code online to buy a lot of the items for a discounted price.  Hobby Lobby is the place to go for cheap crafts.  They always have a coupon online and they rotate their sales in store weekly.  

I got peacock feathers and two daisy flowers, making a little bouquet in a mason jar (is there any other way to make a flower arrangement??) I wrapped a little bit of lace around the jar and tied it with a teal ribbon.  

To really make the decorations cute, but affordable, I made a banner.  It reads, "Happy 21st Birthday Emily."  For the flag banner, I cut triangles out of black paper.  Then I used a peacock design paper to cut out the letters.  I also drew a couple of peacock feathers to jazz it up a bit.  To attach the flags to the twine, I used a hole puncher and strung the flags through the twine.  Helpful hint: tape the flags to the twine so they don't move around in transport or when they are hanging!  

For the food, we had a veggie platter and spinach dip with sourdough bread. The bread was from Boudin's which is Emily's favorite place for bread! People ate it up!

Lastly, the CAKE!  You cannot have a birthday party without the cake.  Kelsey, our dear friend, had this idea and was in charge of the cake.  It is called a Trashed Barbie Cake.  They are all over Pinterest.  But basically you take a barbie/doll and destroy her clothes/hair/makeup and place her on the cake.  It is perfect for a 21st Birthday Party!  

I would like to take this time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!  I hope you enjoyed your party!  It was classic Emily: sophisticated, flirty, and fabulous!  Please share if you have any good 21st birthday party ideas!  

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